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S P E N C E R | design associates

We are an Interior Design firm specializing in high end residential and boutique commercial development projects for design + staging in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul, Columbus, Ohio and the New York City areas.

The studio creates meaningful spaces that are a true reflection of the spirit and vision of each unique client. Our experience spans a wide range of architectural styles, scales and budgets and we will work with you to find the vision of your project, uncover the potential and bring ideas and products that transform your space. Our ultimate goal for every project is that it will turn out to be exactly what you were looking for, but better than you had ever imagined.

From beginning to end, the process is casual, organic and comfortable and a lot of fun for everyone involved. The experience of recreating a dream kitchen, a living space, a bedroom sanctuary, or an entire home from the ground up can be one of the greatest creative experiences you can have. We love creating something extraordinary even from the most challenging of spaces. For us, each project and client is an opportunity to create a lasting relationship and a home that fills you with wonder and joy every day.

Design and decoration is an exploration of possibilities. It is a process of creating space that you will live your life within. I feel an enormous sense of responsibility and pride in knowing that the spaces we create become a foundation of life for our clients.

So if you’ve just moved into a new home, if you are ready for a refresh, if you are ready to finally create your dream, contact us today. We can help!

What is your design philosophy?
SS: Quite simple, never be afraid to take a risk. Often times, these are the most successful decisions in a project. I am also a huge believer in embracing color. My home is filled with wonderful colors. Someone I very much admire has often said, “Living without color is like living without love.” It is so true.
How would you define your professional style?
SS: It really is all dictated by my clients. I take in their thoughts, interests, and understand their lifestyle, and then run that through my filter. What we end up with is a curated environment with mixed periods and a powerful individual style.
How has your aesthetic evolved?
SS: It evolves every time I am captivated by an amazing artist or designer or am seduced by a new material or concept or idea. I consider myself a modernist in that I am always looking for what’s new and next and I always try to make the work I do feel fresh each time.
What are your inspirations?
SS: Travel is probably the biggest inspiration for me. Though, I can find it in vintage design books, from seeing a great piece of clothing in a fashion show or by spending hours combing through and the curated collections throughout the site. I greatly admire the work of Kelly Wearstler, Jean-Louis Deniot, David Hicks, Gio Ponti, Pierre Chareau, Jean Royere and Ettore Sottsass.
What is the essential element of any room?
SS: An essential element is never really just a thing, but rather it is the spirit of the room. It is the essence of a room and the emotion it conjures. There should be a curiosity for each person who enters the room, it is the feeling, a wow moment that is really essential in every successful room.
What is the most important thing you’ve learned about your business?
SS: You have to be incredibly well organized and have the proper skill set. Having an eye is one thing, but you have to be able to execute and deliver the vision. And it matters who you surround yourself with. Someone once said, “If you want to succeed, make sure every person you hire is better than you in every department.” In growing a business that is so important.
Clients are becoming more sophisticated and design-conscious. How has that influenced you?
SS: It means that I have to raise my game every time in every project. Informed clients are absolutely better clients, and they make for better design in the end.
What are your three must-haves?
SS: Definitely a great piece of art that means something to you, a beautiful watch or piece of jewelry you’ll keep forever, and a terrific light fixture.
Any advice for someone starting out?
SS: You have to train your eye. Whether you’re going to a museum or a flea market or flipping through a book, always be on the lookout for something special.
What does value mean for you?
SS: It means the my client got more than they ever expected. It means a room touches the client in a deeply personal way that feels like an extension of their self, it is their home.
Any advice for someone with a small budget wanting great design?
SS: Great design can really be achieved at any price point. Vintage stores and flea markets are excellent sources in addition to the big box stores that offer value and accessibility for everyone. A rule of thumb is simply to not buy all of your furniture in one place. Your room should look curated and reflect a viewpoint that your pieces were found over time and in different places and throughout your life. If everything is made by the same hand, from the same store, it tends to look very flat and one-dimensional and the personal connection and emotion will not be there.


Shane is an absolute professional who is extremely talented. The project was a condo conversion of 46 residential units in an vibrant Downtown neighborhood. Shane worked directly with the Development team & Construction company in the complete renovation of all common areas, exterior spaces and finishes for all 46 units. He also designed and furnished 3 models for our sales team to assist with selling and help us achieve a faster absorption against our competitors. Looking forward to working with him again in the near future!!