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Victorian Four Square

This project was a complete overhaul of the kitchen, the bathroom that existed above and a redesign of the first floor living and dining rooms, entrance hall, stairwell and second floor hallway. And when I say overhaul, I'm not speaking lightly. This is an early 20th century victorian foursquare that needed re-leveling of the entire back corner of the house and was subsequently opened up from the basement to the second story, braced and leveled so that we could create the kitchen of their dreams.

The guest bathroom above became a little showstopper of its own and I selected a wallcovering from Kelly Wearstler that was installed in the entire entrance hall up to the entire second floor hallway to create a dynamic feeling of energy and graphic quality and has become an art installation in and of itself for the art collecting homeowners. This home has won awards and has been featured in local home magazines over the years.

Here's a link to one of the articles:

I've been working with these homeowners for many years and they have become close friends. I couldn't have worked with a better team, from the homeowners to the absolute best custom builder in the Columbus, Ohio area, Travis and Sheri Ketron of Ketron Customer Builders. The best results are a product of the best team work and the most skilled artisans. This is how we all create at our best!

Victorian Four Square